MozaTech Corporation

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In big holidays  every year, we always have a funny small party for everybody.
And at international Worker’s Day, we hold small party in TBQ restaurant – 1 luxurious and nice restaurant at Ha Noi.

In the warm space of restaurant, my director and all company’s staffs sat side by side to eat and drink, tasted famous foods and talked about everything in our life, not only about working. To save the memories and nice moments, we took photos together.

After dinner, we went to the cinema and watched a blockbuster movie – Captain America : Civil War. What a lovely, lovely film!















At Moza, we not only get some experience but also have happy time together. So we never feel bored or alone because people are very friendly and sociable. My boss is very easy-going, always take care of staffs‘s spirit.

That day, we really had big laughs, we had great moments with team Moza.

After International Worker’s Day holiday, we added power to continue working hard to make sure next time is even better.